Why I train with

If you can’t beat them join them.

I would swim up and down the Profiles pool lane trying to outswim who-
ever was in the adjacent lane, until one Wednesday evening there were

these very fit strong swimmers lapping me.
I eventually stopped swimming and just watched in awe and noticed a
lady walking up and down the pool side providing instruction. I was
impressed by her attentive way and hands on approach.
I had seen other swimming squads and their coaches at the pool during
the three years I had been swimming at Profiles, but this squad was
different and I wanted to be part of it. When I got out the pool I read on
the lane roster Team Tissink Triathlon had booked those lanes. The next
day I messaged Natalie and joined her squad the following Wednesday
I was relieved to say the least she had graded the squad in lanes and I
could fit in with swimmers of similar ability.

Results speak for themselves.

When I noticed the superior running and cycling fitness of those who
attended Ray’s track running and Indoor cycling sessions, I joined him in
preparing for my 1st Ironman 70.3.
I find Natalie and Ray are able to set an exertion level for a given
distance or time which matches my level of fitness, pushing a bit harder
and easier at just the right time so as to complete the session and
recover sufficiently for the next training session or race. This is how my
gains in fitness have come.
I am now able to pace myself better and more efficiently, go further and
faster. I battled to find this sweet spot on my own which has ultimately
given me more enjoyment and confidence during training and

I have seen how athletes, including myself, who from all types of
backgrounds, abilities, ages, shapes and sizes have developed their
swimming and athletic ability.
Although an individual sport, the coaching and team spirit provides a
support structure to realise personal objectives without feeling “alone out

By Jacques Joubert

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