Swim Drills explained

Work on strong, powerful exhaling into the water through your nose, just before turning your head, so that when you do turn to breathe, you can take in a deep, controlled breath.
Focus on keep your feet and legs relaxed. Feet and toes pointed, working on small, fast kicking right at the surface. Your heels must break the surface.
• Keep the arm that you are not using straight out in front of your head (can hold a board to begin with).
• Your hand will enter the water, next to your opposite hand and stretch forward.
• Catch the water (imagine grabbing onto a rope),PULL your body forward over your hand, then PUSH your body forward.
• Let your hand brush past your thigh before lifting your ELBOW up, rolling your shoulder forward and stretching back into the water again.
• BREATHE on every 2nd stroke. Relax your shoulders and turn your head with your shoulders to breathe (move as one). Look along the water when breathing, not up and not back.
• Hold a board in front of you with both hands in the centre of the board.
• Start pulling with the one arm, again working on pulling and pushing your body forward.
• Lift elbow up and relax arm on recovery.
• Stretch forward, and hold board for 2 sec before repeating with the other arm.
• Breathe on every 2nd stroke.
• Once you are comfortable with this drill, do it without the board. So start with one hand on top of the other, finish each stroke by sliding your hand over the other hand and holding for 2 seconds.
• Similar to catch up, but your arms keep moving, so instead of stopping for 2 sec, slide one hand over the other, as you stretch forward.
• As your one hand enters the water, you start pulling with your opposite hand.
• Emphasis on keeping your stroke LONG in the front, and finishing the stroke by brushing your thigh.
• Think about pulling yourself forward on the ‘rope’, and then pushing yourself away. Say that to yourself on every stroke.
• Relax your shoulders and neck in breathing. Practice breathing to left and right. Keep kick small and fast at the surface. If your legs feel too low, put your head down in the water to bring your legs up.
• You should look about 1 ½ m in front of you on the floor of the pool.
• Keep body straight, in forward motion.

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