Steady as She Goes – Mark Pellew


70.3 Buffalo City

Sitting on the beach sand overlooking the sunrise & ocean on race morning, I committed myself to go ‘steady but firm’ in light of the upcoming triathlon races planned, and knowing the recovery time usually required after this particular race! This beast of an Iron Man 70.3 on the schedule is one of the hardest races worldwide, and which today the wind conditions were going to make it even more challenging.

My race went perfectly accordingly to plan, as hoped, even achieving a better swim & bike result than last year in these conditions. Interestingly this year, I really enjoyed the trip to East London being more relaxed than other years, and not worrying too much about race preparation, but allowing ourselves to enjoy the week-end.

During the race I found the swim a little choppy but very entertaining, and chuckled watching another swimmer overtake me around the 500m mark, with no wetsuit, thinking he was obviously keen to get out the cold water! The bike thankfully, starting in Wave 5, was less congested on the road than I thought, and I was able to cruise by the other bikers, even having short hello’s & conversations. The run temperature & winds proved a little rebellious, but was appreciatively mitigated by the regular cold watering holes, and which on bunkers hill I had the opportunity to even walk & sip on my coke, rather that throwing it down the gullet & usually all over my face J. The support from Natalie and Raynard, and other Team Tissink supporters alongside the finishing shoot (on the run course) was brilliant, thank-you! And finally to those ‘Bunkers hill residents’ offering ‘hosepipe sprays’ along the route, I love you.

To all the ‘TeamTissnk’ athletes who challenged themselves on Sunday – very well done! I salute you. Cheers P

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