Standard Bank 5150 Nelson Mandela Bay – Race Tips for Beginners

For those athletes racing the 5150 event tomorrow, here is some advice for race day to help calm the nerves and get you to the start line well prepared:

There are a lot of nervous beginners wondering around PE in anticipation of the Standard Bank 5150 event taking place at King’s Beach tomorrow.

Spend some time today checking all your equipment to ensure there are no nasty surprises on race morning. Check your tyres, your brakes, your chain and your gears.  Check that your goggles fit snugly; check your wetsuit, nutrition etc.

Also, when leaving your bike in transition tomorrow, make sure your bike is in the correct gear to climb the small hill out of transition.

On race morning, be sure to give yourself enough time to set up in transition, get to the race briefing and to warm up sufficiently.

We suggest walking the transitions – swim to bike exit and bike to run exit. Know where the mount/dismount line is and most importantly, know where your spot in transition is.

There is always a mad sprint in the 1st few hundred meters of the swim. If you are a beginner, rather try and start conservatively and build to an effort that you can maintain.

Breathe and try to relax through the swim. A steady and controlled effort will ensure that you get through the swim comfortably and strong onto the bike.

On the bike leg, there aren’t any major climbs but the wind can be a factor. Luckily, the forecast for tomorrow does look good. Push the flats and down-hills and save the legs by spinning up any climbs.

Be sure to stay hydrated during the bike leg and you can take in some nutrition now too. If you use energy gels, 1 every 45minutes throughout the race is recommended. Just be sure to stick to the nutrition you’ve been using in training.

Start the run at an easy pace to get your running legs back. Once your legs have recovered from the ride, you can pick up the pace on the run to finish strong.

Most importantly, enjoy the day and make the most of this exciting and rewarding experience.

Check – List


  • Wet Suit
  • 2 pairs of goggles (Keep a spare pair in your tog-bag just in case.)
  • Spare swim cap
  • Vaseline or Anti-chafe
  • Race-suit
  • Sunblock
  • Watch or heart rate monitor if required.


  • Bicycle and wheels
  • Helmet: (Compulsory)
  • Spares: (tubes, pump, repair kit)
  • Bike shoes.
  • Race Belt (Optional.)
  • Nutrition: 1 -2 water bottles, energy drink, energy gels or bars.


  • Running shoes (elastic laces are recommended).
  • Cap/Hat.

These race tips have been brought to you by ISUZU Ambassadors – Team Tissink Triathlon.

Author: Tissink_Admin

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