Race Day Advice – Coach Ray and Nat


I would advise that you finish eating at least 2 hours before your start, and be sure to stay hydrated during the morning.  Don’t try anything new the night before or on race morning.

·         Take careful note of where your bike is placed in the transition area so that you have no trouble finding your bike after the swim.

·         Check the air pressure in your tires and make sure that your bike is in an easy gear to start.

·         Make sure you have all your nutrition (drinks and  gels)

·         Know which way the bike and run legs exit and enter transition?


Now get ready for the swim. Swing your arms and stretch a bit before putting your wetsuit on (about half an hour before your wave starts). Also remember the Vaseline or anti-chafe and sunblock.

Make sure the zip and velcro on your wetsuit is securely fastened. Pull the sleeves up to get some ‘space’ around the shoulder area.

I advise taking an Energy Gel before heading down to the swim about 15minutes before your start.  Warm up a bit with some freestyle and backstroke to loosen your shoulders up and a couple of short 20 sec sprints.

Make sure you can see the swim buoys from water level. If possible, line the buoys up with something larger on the shore (a tree or building perhaps).

Now relax, breathe and enjoy the moment. This is what you have trained for so don’t let your nerves take over.

If you’re not confident of your swimming, hang back a bit or start on the side of your group. The rolling start spreads the masses out so settle into your rhythm and focus on breathing and controlling your stroke. Look up on every 4th – 6th stroke to make sure you are swimming on course. If you can get onto the feet of someone slightly stronger than you, this will also help pull you along.

The main thing to remember in the swim is to stay relaxed and to control your breathing. As soon as you tense up, your stroke shortens and you fight the water. Keep your stroke long, control each pull and relax your shoulders.

On exiting the swim, take your time, get your land legs back and walk or jog to the transition area.

Helmet and shoes on and securely fastened. Remember to put your sunglasses on and your race number clearly displayed.

Start the bike at an easy pace, hydrate and settle into the ride. Don’t get caught up with all the cowboys starting off like lunatics. It will catch up to you later on. You know what training you have put in, and what pace you are capable of maintaining.

Remember to take an Energy gel every 45minutes during the race and stay hydrated by drinking a large bottle of energy drink every hour.

Pace yourself throughout the bike leg and try maintain a constant, smooth pedal stroke throughout by controlling your gears to avoid too much spinning.

Start the run easy as your legs will feel heavy off the bike. As your legs adjust to running, you can start picking up the pace especially in the last few km. Coke is great for giving you a boost in the latter part of the race.

Enjoy the race and savor the finish line

Check List:


2 pairs of goggles (Keep a spare pair in your tog-bag just in case.)
Spare swim cap
Vaseline or Anti-chafe
Watch or heart rate monitor if required.

Bicycle and wheels
Helmet: (Compulsory)
Spares: (tubes, pump, repair kit)
Bike shoes.
Race Belt (Optional.)
Nutrition: 1 -2 water bottles, energy drink, energy gels or bars.

Running shoes ( elastic laces are recommended).



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