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This differs from person to person and every athlete has a  different set of challenges and commitments to deal with on a daily basis. my motivation is more about feeling health and enjoying the process of getting your body into the best shape possible to be able to compete.

 Consistency is key.

My motto is : without self-discipline, success is impossible.

My training is a lot different from the town folks as I residue on a farm in addo, this has its pro’s and cons.  this makes it quite challenging and interesting at times. Besides swimming behind Yusuf flippers at squad, my swims are normally done in our farm dam , which are cold ,windy and fishy at times…….only during summer.

Winter months are normally focused on cycling and running with morning runs with my dogs and then swift sessions in the evenings……. Getting a base for the summer months.

Weekends are for long rides and runs with zuurberg mountain and St Francis being used for the majority of the forays for “ fun in the sun “ times.  To keep motivated, I normally give myself race goals sprinkled throughout the year……… so more mtb stage races and runs in winter and then triathlon during summer months, keeping it fresh and doing different races is key.

During these covid times focusing on the smaller races, off-road and SA champs triathlon have been a way to keep participating and motivated.

Going forward with all this uncertainty around races  and to keep the motivation up ……. I have given myself some challenges……………. Costs nothing but keeps the mind and body stimulated and hopefully leads to some triathlon breakthroughs next summer.

So, 13 peaks trail run will be attempted mid-September for the 1 day badge……. What ever happens, the journey to get to the start line was worth it. www.13peaks.co.za

 100km – 5600m elevation 

 Triathlon is a team sport and thank you all for being part of the tissink team and enjoying and sharing your passion  for this sport with our coaches and fellow friends and athletes.

I Hope to enjoy some  ” fun in the sun” with you all sometime soon.

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