IM 70.3 WORLDS CHAMPS Race Report: Pauline Tunstead

7th September 2019

After completing my first 70.3 in East London I was lucky enough to achieve a slot for my age Group for World Champs!

With much excitement the day arrived, the weather was not bad, slightly windy and overcast in the early Am, but with predictions for the heat and wind to increase as the day wore on.

Unluckily for me, my age group, 45-49, was the last wave to start, so I positioned myself right at the front of the start chute so that I could get into the water quickly without being too ‘bunched’ in.

The water was crystal clear with a slight chop and the woman were allowed to swim with their wetsuits on, much to my relieve! All went well in the swim and I exited without any major problems. The wetsuit strippers were incredibly efficient! I had a slight ‘directional’ issue in transition but was on my bike soon enough and on the course!

After much deliberation prior to the event, I had chosen to take my road bike and not my Tri bike. My reason being was that the bike course was very technical, with big climbs and amazing sharp and technical descends! This suited my type of riding. I can’t say whether this was the right decision or not, as initially the ladies on their tri bikes whizzed past me for the first 10km’s but once we hit the climbs I slowly reeled in a lot of woman, and once the downhills came I was in my element and swooped down with a huge grin on my face!

Then the last 10km had me cursing as we were into a strong headwind, and this is where I wished I was in the aero position….

The bike to run transition went well, and I hit the tunnel confidently to start the run leg. By now the temperatures had risen considerably, my Garmin registered the average temperature during my run was 29, with a max of 33. Having come out of winter training, and most of my training done long before our winter sun even rises, I battled with the heat.

The water points had run out of ice, and the water was lukewarm which didn’t help. My run leg let me down, which was to be expected, but I was grateful I could finish the race with a huge smile on my face! That feeling of crossing the red Carpet, knowing I had achieved something I had never ever dreamt was possible is indescribable!

Thanks to my coaches Ray and Natalie for getting me through my training with all the challenges we faced!

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