Helder Silva – Dbn 70.3 Race Report

IM 70,3 Durban2017…Race Report…Using the race weekend as a getaway for a few days…Last few weeks, some discomfort on lower back and sciatic nerve, was a warning… let my coach know about it, and he showed me a few exercises, and doing it, the pains eased down.

I also didn’t realize how emotional matters, can compromise your fitness. And no matter how many triathlons I did, as this was the 3rd in Durban, when time gets close to the start, your stamina kicks in, and your nerves getting in order…is race time.

SWIM seeding is a very important part of this leg…Durban gave us the best weather and the best water conditions. And I got the best time for this distance…T1 was very congested with traffic, as the area to change was a bit tight. End up taking longer then expected, and killing the advantage time from the swim…

CYCLE was another challenge at start, with chain coming lose due to wrong side handling it. Starting according to the rules of no passing and no bars for the first few kms, made me fall a few positions. Familiar with the route, I apply my comfortable planed pace, and done the expected time. T2 went well with no major issues.

RUN started and I was feeling great. I had a plan, and I applying it giving me the expected time. Finish time of 6h03 minutes is a great achievement to me. I was aiming below 6 hours, and the 3 minutes is just because…nothing. Need to try again.

It is important to recognize the input of people that are active part of this achievements. My girlfriend Mandy Michelle Harding to handle all my k_k and loving me unconditionally, Raynard Tissink and Natalie Tissink coaching and motivation, the team mates that week in, week out pushing for more and faster, Maggie McMurtrie and family handling the business side while daddy is doing (??). From far, my girls and grandchildren, inspiration, and encouragement. All my friends and family, near and far, telling me how mad I am at this age doing all this things. I want to thank God for allowing me to do what I am doing.

While I was racing, a big catastrophe was happening in my beloved Portugal…I dedicate this race to all the victims of that fatality.

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