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Once Durban 70.3 got announced, I knew this would be a race not to be missed. Training through winter was tough but we all made it through and enjoyed it. As 70.3 was not my main race for the year, I was consistent during training and tried my best not to miss a session which showed with my result in Durban.

The week leading up to the race I tried my best to stay calm and not get sick. I started feeling good and before I knew it, race day arrived. Not having any pressure on me made this race slightly easier as it was my 1st 70.3 and I was completely off the radar in my age group and I had no idea how my body would react to this distance. I started the swim slap bang in the front next to Glen Gore and Raynard challenged me to 100 x 100m if I don’t beat him out the swim. Thank goodness I enjoy swimming as I will be doing my 100 x 100m soon. I came out the water 2nd (behind Glen Gore by a few seconds) feeling horrible as I really had to work hard and I felt sluggish most of the way. The long run into transition was not fun for anyone as my heart rate stayed very high. A quick transition and I was onto the bike and only Glen was ahead of me. I passed him at about the 5km mark and lead the age group race for a short while. The bike was fast but you had to work for your speed and try maintain it with the rolling hills and 100’s of cyclists. I had a great second 45km of the cycle as my legs decided to wake up and I was finally riding at my watts. I hydrated well during the ride which put me in a good place for my run ahead. Into transition for the 2nd time I went and I was very happy with my bike time. The run was great besides the 100’s of spectators walking along the promenade minding their own business and getting in the way. I am an idiot as I forgot to put my socks on for the run so I am nursing a few serious blisters. I ended my race with a final time of 4h31, 29th overall and 5th in my age group.

To Raynard & Natalie, thank you for being the most incredible coaches to us. The amount of happiness and success in our team in somewhat incredible to experience and be a part of.

I have 10 tough weeks of training ahead of me before I tackle Ironman Fortaleza with fellow Team Tissink friends, Ryan Johnston & Ross Barnard. Well done to every single athlete who competed and trained through winter. My hero for Durban 70.3 was Vuyo!

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