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TezA bit of history is required at this point. This “Tour to Budapest” came about as most things do in our group of friends, over a good meal and great banter. We decided that we needed to do an international event, once a year with friends!

Our trip started like most, in a whirlwind of activity.  Ash squeezed in a full day’s work into a few hours, I ran around taking care of last minute “I forgot-to-do tasks” and lastly, but it was first on my list that morning, my training before setting off on our adventure. Arriving at the airport, we said our goodbyes to Candice and my family and found the rest of our friends in the lounge. A year of planning later, “Let the celebrating begin!”.

There is an unwritten law, “What goes on tour, stays on tour”. I think this needs to be re-written, “What goes on tour cements friendships for life”. We had loads of fun training together, sharing stories, meals and admittedly we had a few epic fines evening’s.

My race day was “a normal race morning”. Adrenaline sets in and all the nerves come out to play as if Carnival has just started. How I deal with this, “I find a quiet and peaceful spot and focus on relaxing”.

After wishing everyone all the best and getting my most treasured hug from Ash, I head for the swim start. The gun goes off and the swim starts. All goes to plan, I don’t swim an extra kilometre and I exit in good time. After a great transition, the bike. This is my favourite part of the race. The bike leg was windy, fast with loads of turns that were very well marked but at times prevented you from going “full tilt”. I achieved a great bike time had another wonderful transition and got onto the run. Here I had to pass another contender, Judit, she had stayed with me on the last sector of the bike and it was a battle of wills to the end. At this stage in the race, it was hot and the aid stations were welcome reprieves. Our supporters were absolute angels, shouting words of encouragement and most importantly being there because they care. A big thank you is extended to Sam, Natasha, Helen and Taryn. You guys had a harder day than us!

I crossed the finish line in a time of 5:03 had a quick shower and joined the supporter team to see the rest of our group home.

Thank you to Natalie for guiding me through the training season and in particular the last two weeks leading up to the race, Ash for your support and love and my friends for sharing in a most treasured tour.

So although my treasure chest (checked-in luggage|) has a second place age group trophy in it, it has more than that because I carry memories of great times shared with my better half, Ash and my friends.

P.S. I heard there were amazing views of the city on the bike course… We may need to go back… I might have missed them as my focus was elsewhere. Can’t wait for the next tour!

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