Antonelle Saporta – Successful business woman, mother and top triathlete:

 “Five hundred, twenty-five thousand and six hundred minutes. Five hundred, twenty-five thousand journeys to plan. How do we measure life in a year? Whether it’s in sunsets, in daylight or in cups of coffee, we all have 525 600 minutes in a year. It’s when those minutes need to be carefully, caringly divided into smaller pieces of our lives, we realize how finite our time really is and how best to make the most of it, one minute at a time.

We all have similar common ingredients in our lives, maybe we add a bit more of one ingredient than the other into our own mixtures, but the fundamentals surely resemble one another from a broader point of view. Regardless of circumstances, getting up and showing up DAILY for yourself is the key to baking our own successful mixtures. I can, you can, WE CAN!

We all have some ingredients that get added against our will sometimes and many mental battles that we can all relate to in those busy times when we feel life, and our training mates, are passing us by (or passing by us). It is these types of moments that set aside the ordinary from the extraordinary, adapting rather than giving up, saying I CAN and I WILL, rather than the opposite.

Here are just some of the ingredients in Antonelles’ pie:

First ingredient – Antonelle works a very demanding job in the corporate world and the majority of her work must be done in conjunction with others in their time, meaning the parameters of training are tight, there isn’t much margin for flexibility with time. Traveling for work doesn’t help either, but as we learnt during lockdown, where there is a will, there is (almost) always a way! Improvise.

It definitely helps to know that an active lifestyle IS a major release, a reset to our daily lives and all its stresses, so every minute spent working on me isn’t just for me. The routine doesn’t take longer than a few weeks to form and the positivity it brings into all aspects of life far outweighs the few weeks of adjusting. It would be a little white lie to say that those first few days of 4:30 am alarms are easy 😉 But it gets easier. It really does.

Second ingredient – Add 2 kids (well, some would say 3) into the mixture. To be able to commit a whole week to Lifesaving Nipper Nationals, both as a coach to U/10’s and to her own 2 kids is exhausting at the best of times, yet alone 2-3 weeks out from a big race. This is just one example, one very small example of what all parents can relate to. It’s not easy – it is rewarding, but that doesn’t make it any easier. However, seeing Rourke and Racquelle on the sideline during the race and how excited they were, how interested they were and how they, at 9 and 10 years old, were learning about sport, about triathlon and the life lessons of determinations, regardless of “limitation” is surely life changing for them. Whether it’s tomorrow or next year, only good can come from witnessing such big events. We might not realize it, but the amount of influence we have on our own kids AND on each other’s kids, is something to take seriously. Teaching and leading by example, showing that hard work pays off. Determination isn’t just needed in sport, its character building and it starts with us.

Third ingredient – Add family and friends into your mixture, as they sure spice up life. Let’s be honest, a pie without any spice sounds very bland indeed. So, share your mixture with them, let them be a part of baking your pie and the taste will be just that much sweeter. For such an individual sport, we truly do need each other.

The recipe – Having a recipe (program) is crucial for guidance and a way forward that can still be steered along the way, but it’s the dedications of day in and day out that leads to infinite possibilities, whether it’s to explore or to race, to lose weight or to prove others wrong, do it because YOU want to.

Be kind to yourself and don’t be afraid to give yourself a little bit more of the pie you’re baking – you must enjoy it too!

So… What are you doing with your 525 600 minutes this year? Go and make that delicious pie, the one your heart desires.

Jared Jordan

Author: Tissink_Admin

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