Super day with SupaPiet at Nelson Mandela Bay 70.3 on Sunday.



Not once was there any negativity, not an ounce of doubt, only the belief that anything is possible, regardless of limitations! We did a training swim last week and the determination I saw is something I’ve never seen or experienced in others, or myself! The limitations perceived are only in our own minds, often our own worst enemy. To only have shoulders, biceps muscles & basic wrist movement YET NO EXCUSES… Sure makes me shake my head in disbelief and eat humble pie.


SupaPiet you are a role model in many ways & Im sure you must have positively influenced over 1000 athletes as they passed us and encouraged us on route, I bet they must have gotten strength & self belief that they too could achieve their goals!


If you haven’t heard SupaPiets story, have a look on Youtube for a few videos or interviews, I’ve been fortunate to be at 2 of his pre-race talks with Team Tissink Triathlon and goose bump stuff for sure.

Author: Tissink_Admin

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